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Glaswegian Tales
Glaswegian Tales [2016] | Fiction | 41 - 5.1 / Stereo Mix
Farooq, a jaded radio DJ is reinvigorated by the prospect of love and adventure. Haroun, a violent young man, in being open about his sexuality, finally discovers a connection with someone that is worth fighting for. Aaqil, tries to come to terms with a future without his daughter, now that his partner has discovered the truth about his past. How will they sustain themselves in this uncompromising part of the city? And all the while, in the park, as young Jaz makes his way, the spirit of hip hop seems to be enabling young teenagers to make a different future.

Director: Lalitha Rajan
Sound Designer / Re-recording Mixer: Rob Szeliga
Dialogue Editor / Re-recording Mixer: John Cohen
Glaswegian Tales Glaswegian Tales Glaswegian Tales

Escape Zero

Escape Zero

Sound Supervisor