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Listen To My Song [2018] | Documentary | 49min - 5.1 / Stereo Mix
Esteban escaped poverty in the ghetto by running away from home at the age of 13 and joining Colombia’s FARC guerrillas. With the peace process finally under way after long decades of conflict, Esteban’s life changes when he performs at a peace concert and is spotted by a famous Colombian producer. When he is invited to perform in Bogota, a career as a musician begins to look like a possibility rather than a distant dream. However, he must first make his own peace with his past and reconnect with his family in Cali. If his achievement is possible, perhaps it’s conceivable that country can move on, too, from its troubled past.

Director: Danny Mitchell
Sound Design: John Cohen, Rob Szeliga
Listen To My Song Listen To My Song Listen To My Song

Escape Zero

Escape Zero

Sound Supervisor